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You choose to be kind to yourself by purchasing a Kynd supplement that is based on scientific evidence.


We donate a Kynd Immunity product (a blend of Vitamin C and Zinc) to a person in need.


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The lives of people in need will be helped, thanks to your Kynd purchase and act of kindness.

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You help spread kindness to a person in need when you #ChooseKynd!

Kynd Immunity blends Vitamin C and Zinc in a specifically formulated powder to help support your body in its time of need. Zinc and Vitamin C contribute to normal immune system function, normal energy metabolism and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Who do we donate to?

This is such an exciting time for the Kynd brand! We launched in June 2020, sold our first products and have begun the first wave of donations to people in need - one for every Kynd product sold.

It has been a dream come true to donate the Kynd Immunity product to people in need and we are excited to continue to grow!

To see where your purchase has made a difference, simply enter your unique code in our tracker above!

Thank you for your support and spreading kyndness with us.

We have started and will continue donating the Kynd Immunity product to people that we feel will really benefit from it - they are our "person in need".

In addition to our 1 for 1 donations, we want to further support Australians during this unique time and donate to people that may need some immune support – especially those who are looking after those in need, some of those who support our community and the elderly – like school teachers, nurses and pensioners.

Keep showing kyndness