Kynd x Turia Pitt

Kynd x Turia Pitt
It's no secret that we're kynd-a obsessed with Turia Pitt. I mean, can you blame us? Turia is an incredible, inspirational woman who we are beyond proud to call our brand ambassador! This partnership means so much to us because Turia aligns with our brand values and is on the same mission of spreading kindness!

Why Does Turia #ChooseKynd?

"Taking supplements is a fairly new habit for me, but I’m stoked to have found the Kynd products. Matt, the brand founder of Kynd, reached out to me a few months ago to talk about working together, and I instantly loved what he’d created. Not only are the supplements themselves great, but they also come packaged in recyclable glass bottles with sustainable bamboo caps.

If I was a super artsy person, I would pop dried flowers in each empty bottle and refurbish an apothecary cabinet and make it like a "healing space" BUT sadly I am not one of those people. Instead I just chuck the glass bottles in the recycling and the bamboo cap in the compost."

- Turia Pitt

Plus, we tick her boxes!