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Kynd One for One.

    Kynd One for One is a long-term, ongoing initiative to help people experiencing homelessness and communities in need. Every time you purchase one Kynd product, we donate a Kynd Immunity product to someone in need. You can track your kindness here.



Kynd One for One: Our partnerships so far.



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Kynd One for One: Our journey so far.




March 2024

We were overjoyed to be working once more with The Good Box to donate our Kynd Immunity products to people experiencing homelessness in Australia.



November 2022

For many, the holiday season is full of joy and happiness. However, for those experiencing homelessness, the holidays can be a painful reminder of their hardship. Our Kynd Immunity product was included on the Good box Enterprises’ holiday Good Boxes.

July 2022

We delivered some extra nutritional support to our friends at Northern Beaches Hospital in Sydney.

March 2022

Our Kynd brand founder, Matt, on one of our donation drops to Our Big Kitchen.

January 2022

Pictured, a recent Kynd community donation drop to our friends at Our Big Kitchen. Thanks to your kindness we have been able to continue spreading kindness to those who need it most.



December 2021

We shared how excited we were to be working with Food Bank NSW & ACT on our socials. Foodbank NSW & ACT is dedicated to fighting hunger in Australia, addressing not only people’s immediate nutritional needs, but also contributing to their overall health, emotional wellbeing, and self-worth.

September 2021

We worked once more with St Matthews Manly to donate Kynd Immunity products to people in need as part of their Soup Kitchen. The Soup Kitchen welcomes those experiencing homelessness and hardships to provide them with food and essential items.

September 2021

The Good Box included our Kynd Immunity product inside their YouLegend Box for Father’s Day. “The Good Box is a social enterprise that is committed to breaking down the stigmas that surround homelessness and help to restore dignity to those in need. We love working with Kynd because they share in our mission to help make a difference and spread kindness. Homelessness can be an extremely overwhelming and stressful experience, which is why an item such as the Kynd Immunity product is so essential to include in our YouLegend Boxes.” — Gali Blacher, The Good Box co-founder.

August 2021

We donated Kynd Immunity products to our friends at Our Big Kitchen, a community-run, non-denominational, industrial kitchen where meals are prepared for distribution to shelters for people in need across NSW.

April 2021

Spreading kyndness to mums experiencing tough times! The Good Box’s latest initiative — the YouBeauty box. This box is donated to mums who are experiencing domestic violence and living in emergency accommodation. Kynd immunity is included to provide mums with support and contribute to a normal immune system function.

January 2021

We made yet another donation of Kynd Immunity products to The Good Box!



December 2020

So far, we’ve donated Kynd Immunity to a variety of groups through our 16 charity partners across Australia. “It’s been a privilege to be able to assist some of the community’s most vulnerable by providing a specially formulated immunity product.” — Matt, Kynd founder.

November 2020

Your continued support has meant that, in just a few months, we were able to donate over 26,000 Kynd Immunity products to help people in need.

November 2020

During National Others Week, we worked with The Good Box, a social enterprise who create beautifully packaged gift boxes for people experiencing homelessness in Australia.

October 2020

Pictured: our donation to Safe Steps, Victoria’s 24/7 family violence and support service.

October 2020

This donation went to a local school. We were honoured to help those who needed some support, especially those looking after others, including school teachers.

September 2020

We donated to Sanctuary housing in NSW, Australia. Sanctuary Housing is a non-for-profit organisation that provides crisis accommodation facilities for families or individuals who have found themselves homeless either through domestic violence or other critical events.

August 2020

We made our very first delivery of donations. The Kynd team went to St Matthews in Manly, Sydney to donate our Kynd Immunity products to the homeless community. When donating, we were met with kind and grateful words.

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Kynd Campaigns


    Our Kynd Campaigns are a series of periodical campaigns focused on giving back to communities and the planet. Every time you purchase a Kynd product, you are being Kynd to you, to others, and to the planet.




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