Our Story

A little bit of kynd goes a long way...

Introducing Matt Stenmark, Kynd founder.

You can watch our story above or have a read below on the events that led to our launch.


Over the last couple of years, my wife (Jade) and I have been fortunate enough to travel to different parts of the world. Places that were all so different, and yet, facing so many of the same challenges. I couldn't help but recognise we live in a world in need.

 Kynd Story Kynd Story

A World in Need.

At home and abroad, I saw widespread gaps in nutrition and an environment struggling - a world full of plastic. It was everywhere. I had spent nearly the last ten years in the health industry and thought, surely, I could do something to contribute.

 Kynd Story Kynd Story

The Beginning.

So, I started to dream up a health brand that not only made a difference to the people that buy the products, but also has a positive ripple effect out to others and to the planet and so...
Kynd was born.


My dream was to work with an amazing team to create products based on science that help people show a little kindness to themselves and to our world in need. So, I began to plan the best way that Kynd products can help.

Kynd Story | Seeking Kindness

One for One.

I decided that for every Kynd product sold, we will donate a Kynd Immunity Product to a person in need (see details on our donations on our 'Our Impact' page here). I also wanted to create a brand that prioritised sustainability, so I worked to develop and test the bamboo cap. 


To enable Kynd to reach as many people as possible, Kynd leverages the national distribution network of iNova Pharmaceuticals.

Today, I am so excited I have been able to create a brand that I feel makes a difference and shows a little kindness. 

- Matt Stenmark, founder

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Our Three Focus Areas:

kynd to you
Kynd to You | Scientifically Validated


We've worked hard to create supplements that are scientifically validated to support your health and beauty goals.


kynd to others 
Kynd to Others | We Give 1 for 1


For every one Kynd product sold, we donate a Kynd Immunity Product to a person in need.
Kynd Immunity contributes to normal immune system function and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


kynd to the planet

Kynd to the Planet | Sustainability


It's important that we do our part for the planet. Kynd use sustainable bamboo caps and glass bottles to package our range of supplements.


With your help, we can make a little bit of kynd go a long way...